Vacuum pump to enlarge the penis

Penis enlargement vacuum pump is used by men who want to give more volume to the body, take preventive measures to prevent impotence. The potential is increased by regular consistent exercise, which helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, improve blood circulation during sexual intercourse. The use of the unit has an undeniable advantage, it allows the use of a vacuum pump to increase not only the length but also the width of the penis.

Penis enlargement vacuum pump

ᲘInstruction for use

The use of devices with a vacuum effect that allow the penis to enlarge is called a negative pressure method in medicine. A person who has used a vacuum pump at least once will confirm that after using the pump, the thickness increases and the effect remains in a relaxed as well as erect state of the penis.

The cavernous tissue is subjected to a vacuum only when the penis is at rest.

Increased blood flow by the action of the pump ensures a rapid start of the erection, during which the effect of the vacuum is useless. It is necessary to conduct ejaculation and then continue the procedure. The ideal condition for the penis for maximum efficiency is a half erection, softness but arousal.


The classic assembly of the device consists of a colorless plastic bulb, an attached bulb or a hand pump that reduces air and a special seal made of latex.

Take care of the device

  • Before use the pump, nozzles, seals are treated with antiseptics, then washed with warm water with the addition of soap.
  • The use of Vaseline-based anal lubricants, vegetable oils, cosmetic moisturizers is prohibited. The funds will cause not only material damage but also deterioration of welfare.
  • When the procedure is completed, the vacuum pump is again washed with warm water and soapy water, it is possible to add personal intimate hygiene items. Then dry, store in a dry, enclosed place for children.
  • The product is carefully stored, avoids shock, other mechanical impact. The service life increases when the pump is used with caution.
  • It is forbidden to treat the flask with boiling water, peroxide, alcohol solution. Supplied cyber leather pump nozzles are washable, sound, treated with talcum powder storage.

Pump control

Brief description of how to use the device to enlarge the penis to show positive results.

Vacuum pump with air pump:

  • The air is pumped out, creating a low pressure area that causes blood to flow. The device is used for no more than a third of an hour, if the time interval is violated, the duration increases, the member is injured. To allow air to enter, release negative pressure inside the unit, press the air valve near the pear in one type of model, or drill a hole that is tied with a finger during the procedure.
  • When achieving maximum erection, a special elastic erection ring is placed at the base of the penis. You can use it before, before the procedure, by pulling on the base of the bulb, and when you get an erection, pull it out of the penis after "pumping". The ring will compress the penis, prevent blood flow from leaving the body and help it in an aroused state.

Vacuum pump with hydraulic pump:

  • The bath is filled with hot water so that the body is hidden for years. To relax the scrotum, they soak in the bath for 5 minutes. It is forbidden to use it before taking a bath.
  • After the allotted time, the device is immersed in water, the penis is inserted into it.
  • Observe the rounded part at the edge of the softening ring, which is tightly positioned around the scrotum, reducing pressure on it. The pump is evenly placed around the penis before creating a vacuum.
  • To create a vacuum, moving movements occur several times towards you. In case of painful sensations, water is drained using a valve located on the top of the unit. The pump can be used 4-5 times until the excess liquid is removed.
  • The feeling that pumping is no longer possible, the man relaxes for five minutes. When the vacuum is released, the comfort state is restored.
Steam with the pump before enlarging the penis

Regularity of use

Long-term use of the penis enlargement pump is carried out according to the following schedule:

  • First week - no more than 10 minutes of exercise;
  • Second week - lessons no longer than 15 minutes;
  • Third week - two sessions of 10 minutes each;
  • Fourth week - two sessions of 15 minutes;
  • Fifth week - morning session 20 minutes, evening session - 10 minutes;
  • Sixth week - two lessons of 20 minutes each;
  • Seventh week - three lessons in half an hour.
Penis enlargement vacuum pump

It is possible to exercise several times a day, but the member needs to rest, so the break is at least sixty minutes. The pump is used until the result is satisfactory. Deterioration of the erection after exercise indicates a violation of the use of the device.


Any use of the device is prohibited if:

  • Paraphimosis, phimosis, other diseases related to the cortex;
  • Urethritis, an acute inflammatory process;
  • Diabetes mellitus, kidney, liver problems;
  • Vascular disease;
  • Increased blood clotting.

Abuse of the pump, increase in strength, small bruises occur in the cavernous bodies, hematomas and other injuries arise. The result of a safety breach is a deterioration in blood circulation to the genitals. Therefore, before you start using it, you should read the manufacturer's instructions.

The man was thinking about penis enlargement with a vacuum pump


This method of penis enlargement using a pump has a number of features that positively affect the length and width of the penis. Additional positive features:

  • Comparison of the method with others reveals a pronounced efficiency, minimal risk of damage. Pills may be better, but they have strong side effects;
  • Long-term perspective due to cautious attitude towards the device;
  • Low price;
  • No surgical intervention required, no medication required;
  • Increases the elasticity of blood vessels, exercises the muscles;
  • Postoperative, post-traumatic recovery of male strength;
  • Regular use can increase the size of a man's penis by 2-3 cm per year.