How to grow a teen member

A teenager is trying to enlarge his penis

For many men, penis size is a very important issue. Size can be a source of many complexes, so they often ask themselves how to enlarge their penis at home. Websites offer many ways to solve this problem. But let’s ask ourselves, at what age does such a problem arise, are there such complexes in adolescence, and is it possible to enlarge the penis in adolescence?

Factors affecting size:

  1. Male hormones (testosterone levels);
  2. Genes;
  3. Adipose tissue. Obesity and poor nutrition negatively affect penis size;
  4. Improper nutrition;
  5. ᲪCood habits;
  6. Chronic diseases (endocrine, hereditary);
  7. Injuries (e. g. , reproductive system, brain, etc. ).

Young adolescence

It seems too early for a small child to think about such a problem. Many parents think that the idea of size will not come to their child soon. However, a boy's sexual development begins at the age of 10 years. Boys are beginning to take an interest in girls and, although the interest is still platonic in nature, we must not forget that in the age of the internet the modern schoolboy does not need to discover something unusual about the sexual world.

Developing at the age of 11, the boy learns the world. At the same age the penis begins to grow. But usually a teenager does not care about size yet, because sexual desire only starts at the age of 12 years. At the age of 12 he began his first timid attempts to care for girls still of Platonic character. In addition, at the age of 12 begins such an important process as testicular enlargement.

It is still too early to think about penis enlargement at this age because growth starts now and will last for more than 20 years!


At the age of 13 the development becomes more intense. At the age of 13, the boy becomes a little man - his voice breaks, the beginning of hair growth on the genitals. It is not easy for a 13-year-old student to survive these changes.

A little later, at 14 o'clock - the beginning of the formation of the Adam's apple. Sperm formation begins at the age of 14 years.

At the age of 14 the adolescent character changes, he begins to take an interest in social identity. This is the age when a guy starts asking himself questions about the individual attractiveness of the opposite sex.

At the age of 15 boys start having sexual fantasies and wet dreams. And it is from this age that adults are interested in the size of their genitals. Questions arise as to whether the size is normal and whether it should be increased.But growth and development do not stop there.

Senior adolescence

At the age of 16, the stage of interest in masturbation begins. This is an important process. In addition, it has a lot in common with penis enlargement methods as a kind of massage. By the age of 16, the pubic hair growth zone is taking its final shape.

At the age of 17 the formation of the Adam's apple ends. In adolescence, boys begin to have sex with members of the opposite sex, and this is where penis size complexes begin.

At the age of 18, the average size is 10-18 cm, it depends on individual development and heredity. And even though the growth period is not over yet, if the size at this age does not fit the teenager, it can be a real tragedy for him. But is it worth a try to enlarge your penis at home? And how to enlarge a teenager's penis so that it is not dangerous to his health and development?

Basic magnification techniques

Various techniques are known for enhancing the male organ:

  • Extensions
  • Stretching with a load
  • Jelling
  • Medications
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Gels
  • Massages
  • Soda
  • Additions, decoctions and infusions

What are these techniques and should they be used in adults?


Such drugs most often contain hormones and biologically active substances. It is dangerous even for an adult to take such drugs without consulting a doctor, especially during adolescence during active development. Complications include disorders of the liver and kidneys, the development of somatic pathologies, disorders of the psycho-emotional background, and even erectile dysfunction.

Stretching with a load

This technique is native to Africa. There the boys were loaded hanging, gradually increasing their weight, which made it possible to stretch the body by a few centimeters. Danger - it can stretch and even rupture the tissue of the penis, in addition, this way the enlarged penis becomes thinner and poorly supports the erection. Of course, this technique is not used for adults and it is dangerous for adults as well.


Proved to be effective for adults. It is a device whose wearing enhances the structure of the penis and promotes tissue growth. Contraindications have been shown to be not recommended for adults under 19 years of age as the growth and formation of organs and tissues in the body is not yet complete.

Vacuum pumps

The principle of operation is clear. Due to the vacuum, increase blood flow to the body. It is dangerous, especially for adults, because it can damage blood vessels.

Jelling and massage

Jelling is a technique from the Arab world, a kind of massage in the form of "milk". Like massages, it has virtually no contraindications and is quite effective. There are no contraindications for use in older adults.


They have no independent effect, use only with massage. For older adults it can be used, but with caution - watch the composition carefully.

Buds, decoction, infusion

The efficiency is very low. As a tonic and tonic, they do not cause much harm, but rather the expected result.


Folk remedy. It has anti-inflammatory action and improves blood flow. It is used in the form of:

  • Soda baths
  • Scrub
  • Compresses
  • Massages

There are no contraindications for use. It also has a disinfectant effect.

From the whole list of methods, as we can see, mechanical and therapeutic actions are dangerous for the growing organism, and some are not very effective. Only massage techniques are allowed. In addition, a different balanced diet has a good effect. And, of course, only 17-18 year olds, older adolescents, should be bothered by such a problem. Although it does not matter, the main thing in a man is not the size, but the pleasant ability of a woman. But this is a completely different topic.