Penis enlargement surgery

Two questions need to be answered before deciding on penis enlargement surgery:

  1. Will you have at least 4 hours a day to wear the extension for a long time?
  2. What else do I want to do to achieve maximum results?

The first question is organizational only. If the extender holds up well, then it can be used at work if the work is not related to physical activity, or while sitting at work. He usually does not appear under a suit or baggy pants.

The second question is more complicated. Based on the postulate that the end result depends on the initial length of the penis, you should consider the appropriateness of the surgery.

Indications for Penis Enlargement Surgery

The indication for penis enlargement surgery is not only the patient’s desire but also the original size of the penis.

  • If the penis is less than 12 cm, there are medical indications for surgery, since we are talking about the underdevelopment of the penis and you have to fight every millimeter.
  • If the length of the penis is less than 15 cm, then surgery should be done to achieve maximum results.
  • If the length of the penis exceeds 15 cm, surgery will complete.

Of course, such a distribution is very arbitrary and in most cases the patient's desire is crucial.

We must remember that the essence of the operation is to release the inner (hidden) part of the penis, which allows the extender to act along the entire length of the penis and ultimately get the maximum result.

Penis enlargement surgery

As for the use of hormones in cases of underdevelopment of the penis and hormonal disorders, their use is necessary for a complex effect on the tissues of the penis. In these cases testosterone is injected. If the length of the penis is within normal limits and there are no disorders of hormonal regulation, then it makes sense to use only ointments that contain active testosterone (dihydrotestosterone).

The degree of genital extension when using an extender depends on the following conditions:

  • The original length of the penis. The longer the penis, the better it lasted. That is, the more tissue involved in stretching, the better the result. Therefore, in some cases, ligatotomy is performed to increase the area of impact of the extender.
  • Correct the anatomy of the penis. In other words, a lot depends on how well the extender fits. If the extension does not slip and "sit" well, you will not have problems using it (put it on and forget it). The modern extender design allows it to be fixed in almost all cases when no other extension is possible.
  • Patient insistence. Of course, it is better to wear an extender for 2 hours, not 30 minutes, and 6-8 hours a day, rather than 1-2 hours.
  • Younger men have more prospects than men in their 50s and 60s. Tissue elasticity and elasticity can be important factors.
  • Absence or presence of hormonal problems. The small penis may be indirect evidence of a decrease in testosterone - the production of the male sex hormone. Therefore, in some cases, a hormonal examination should be performed before penis enlargement to determine whether it is advisable to prescribe hormone therapy during the prolongation period.

About the extender

  1. The expander should be worn clean, preferably with a pre-washed penis with soap. The skin should be dry. This is very important from a hygienic point of view, in addition, this way the extender will be better protected and will not slip.
  2. It may happen that once again, insert the enlargement means, you will not be able to stretch and straighten the penis to the length of the barbell that was last. The penis can just shrink, this is normal. To extend it to its original length, simply hold the extender for a reduced length of 15-20 minutes (you can open the extra 2 cm rods), then wear it to the length of the original stick.
  3. If the extension is alternately worn down and up, we must bear in mind that the tension will be different in the first and second cases - with the same length of rods, the tension will always be stronger if the extender is directed downwards.
  4. In patients after clay circumcision, it is possible to pull the skin along the back surface of the penis (where the urethra goes) while carrying it down the apparatus because the penis is flexible at the base of the extender. This may be due to the fact that after circumcision on the back surface of the penis (especially after the ritual) sometimes small skin remains - in such men with an erection, the bump skin is always tightened and "sails" are formed. . To avoid discomfort while carrying the device, turn the device up slightly after a while and tighten the skin by hand, after which the extender returns to its original position.

About medications

As for the use of various agents in the form of tablets or ointments, which presumably contain herbal substances and components and cause an increase in blood circulation to the penis, the mechanism of action of these agents can not be criticized in terms of normal physiology and anatomy of the penis and its description is calculated for people without medical education. Of course, we can assume that against the background of a strong erection, the enlargement of the penis seems to be from the inside. How long does it take for an erection to take effect for penis lengthening? And isn't it easier to use an extender? Also, during a super erection, the penis may actually appear larger than it was due to the maximum stretching of its tissues.

At the present stage of medical development, the only effective pill to enhance an erection is a group of 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and the only metabolically active substance that can affect the penis is active testosterone - dihydrotestosterone (in the penis there are dihydro).

The use of testosterone in tablets is dangerous for the body, as this method of use has a negative effect on the liver. In addition, testosterone should be used with caution in individuals over 45 years of age and after 50 years only after special urological examination. Topical application of testosterone-containing ointments alone is ineffective - testosterone must still be absorbed into the bloodstream, undergo metabolic pathways, and become active. In addition, it will enter all organs and tissues along with the bloodstream, while the importance of local use is lost.

It is advisable to use a topical ointment that contains only dihydrotestosterone, for local metabolic effects on the body sensitive to hormonal action. Appropriate only when using an extender. If there are hormonal disorders, decreased testosterone levels and underdevelopment of the penis, you should consult a specialist.

Penis enlargement pills

About Penis Enlargement Clothes

  1. Particular attention should be paid to underwear. Underwear should be free. If the extension is directed downwards, then tight pants can lift it, reducing the tension on its waist. Also, in tight pants it is difficult or simply impossible to lift an extension.
  2. Pants should be loose. If the extender is used at work, it makes sense to wear suit pants.

About sex during penis enlargement

Sex must be done often. Sometimes a man can have psychological problems with erection, especially if he doubts the size of the penis at rest and during an erection. Also, an erection does not always happen before you take off your clothes, which further exacerbates the stress. Against the background of stress, constraint and fear, blood pressure rises, blood vessels constrict and an erection may simply not come. Such a picture in no way means that this man has organic problems in terms of erection, usually he does not have an erection problem masturbation. The solution to this problem may be medication aid for erection medication - 5 phosphodiesterase type inhibitors. You just have to make the first few connections on the "pill" about which the partner does not need to be informed. Against the background of a confident erection, the fears will pass and the doubts about their own sexual inferiority will disappear. Although these drugs are freely available in a pharmacy network, your doctor should recommend a specific drug and its dosage to use.

What to do if the invigorator is only used for 30 minutes - 1 hour a day

In this case an alternative way of carrying the extender must be followed. Each time the device is twisted as much as possible and 10-15 minutes after the penis relaxes, the drops open to the maximum length at which the extender is "worn" for the rest of the time. And so every time.

How long should you use the device

The device should be used until the desired result is achieved, but not for more than one year. As a rule, the extension lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months.

How to care for the device

An extension is a construction that does not require special care. However, it is wise to periodically rinse the braces with warm soapy water and rub the roots and rods with alcohol.