Pump to increase dick

Many men find it difficult to size their penis, even if its size fits the average statistical limits. Almost every member of the stronger sex wants to increase their body by a few centimeters, especially after a lot of internet ads. Unfortunately, many of the popular methods of penis enlargement do not work, but there is an iron method - to enlarge your penis with a vacuum pump. What are the advantages of the method?

Pump as an alternative to other methods

Penis enlargement pump

Penis pump is one of the most common and recognized methods of effective penis enlargement when used properly and effectively. If you do not follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and exceed it during exercise, you can cause significant damage to the body, which can lead to blue penis as well as pain.

Penis enlargement with a vacuum pump shows faster and more noticeable results than the use of independent exercise (Jelkin et al. ), ointments, medications and others. The first effect can be noticed within minutes of starting the pumps, but to achieve stable results, you should regularly apply the procedure for several weeks in a row - then the effect will no longer last!

How the pump works

The vacuum pump that allows you to enlarge your penis is based on the principle of vacuum vacuum. Inside the pump cavity, the penis is in a special environment in addition to atmospheric pressure. During operation, low pressure is created inside the vessel and according to the laws of physics, blood flows into the bodies of the penis cavity and remains not only during pumping but also after a certain period of time. Thus, the pump causes the penis to saturate with blood and a stable and long erection to occur.

The pump effect can cause even a small shock - the penis becomes thicker and bony, increasing in length, but this effect does not last long. After the pump is completed (within one to two hours) blood naturally drains from the penis, in this regard it takes on its standard shape. Only with prolonged and regular use will a lasting result be observed.

The main advantages of the


How to use a penis enlargement pump

The use of a vacuum pump undoubtedly has its positive features that far outweigh its negatives. So the advantages of the pump include:

  • Excellent prevention of various diseases of the penis, as well as premature loss of erection. Regular stimulation of the vacuum pump draws blood into the vessels of the penis, eliminating various harmful swellings.
  • Starting the pump directly before sexual intercourse increases the penis by 1-2 centimeters in length and about one centimeter in width, which allows a woman to get much more pleasure. Also, the use of the pump before sex significantly prolongs the possible time of sexual intercourse due to a permanent erection. Regular use of the
  • vacuum pump allows you to straighten the penis in a not-so-sharp curvature. This requires proper placement of the member in the bulb, as otherwise the curvature may increase even more.

Another positive result of the vacuum pump is the "revitalization" of the unused capillaries and especially the blood vessels of the penis and glans, which leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the latter. Thus, you can achieve much more pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse and during a brighter orgasm, which will be appreciated by your partner.

How to use the pump correctly

Using a vacuum pump is not as difficult as it seems at first glance for an uninformed person. Follow the instructions below to start using:

  1. Insert the penis into the pump flask after inserting an erection ring at its base, which will be useful later.
  2. The pump pumps all the air and thus creates a reduced air pressure zone.
  3. Wait for an erection and insert the erection ring from the base of the bulb to the base of the penis.
  4. Relax and wait until the procedure is completed, duration - no more than 20 minutes.

Do not exceed the duration of the pump - it is not recommended to exceed the maximum time of 20 minutes, otherwise you can damage the penis. If you feel a drop in pressure during pumping, pump it out. After the procedure, restore the pressure in the flask, and then carefully remove it.

Optionally you can use a homemade penis enlargement pump, which must be built into the flask with a hole, tubes and pads to pump air out of the flask. But still it is recommended to use official models that are experienced in practice and guaranteed to produce the expected result, and not a lot of problems and hematomas on the penis.

Tips for use

To reduce the negative consequences of using the pump and to significantly extend its life, we recommend that you consider the following tips:

  • Avoid using oil jelly-based lubricants - they can spoil the flask material and cause discomfort during pumping in case of an allergic reaction.
  • Avoid mechanical damage to the pump - use and store it carefully, do not drop or hit solid objects to prevent damage.
  • Rinse the outside and inside of the pump with antiseptics before each use.
  • After using the pump, be sure to rinse it with warm, soapy water, clean it, and keep it out of the reach of children.

To prevent damage to your pump, do not use alcohol or boiling water to clean it. If the product comes with nozzles made of cyber leather, it should also be washed in the same way before use and before use.

The most important thing to remember before using a pump is that in most cases it has a short-term effect on penis enlargement that lasts for a maximum of several hours. Long-term results can be achieved only in the field of improving blood supply, which indirectly affects the prolongation of erection time, enhancement of sensations from penile stimulation and prevention of intimate diseases. Either way, the vacuum pump is the perfect machine.