How to enlarge the penis, ways

How to grow a penis at home

Regardless of age, every man wants to become a restless lover for his partner. What madness do men not go to pleasantly surprise a loved one! One such thing is penis enlargement. What methods of magnification are there and how effective are they?

Years later, marital feelings are boring and passion is no longer so dizzying. Not all women express their awkward shortcomings directly in bed, and men are not always ready to hear the bitter truth.

Unfortunately, lying in a relationship is always a quick way to break up. To avoid embarrassing moments, you need to know what you want to improve in the intimate sphere.

There are many ways to enlarge your penis: vacuum pump, weighting agents, gels, special lubricants, pills or surgery.

The most effective method of escaping imperfection is surgery.

In clinics, the penis is enlarged by thickening or thickening of the inner shaft: for lengthening, the underlying ligaments are cut, and for thickening, fat is injected into the skin of the penis, collagen matrix is ​​inserted, or gel inserts are used.

The cost of the service is quite high and the recovery process requires a lot of time and effort.

Is it worth putting yourself at extra risk when there is a less drastic and cheaper option? Let’s look at some of them.


The easy way. Before starting the exercises it is necessary to fix the initial dimensions of the genital organ in order to monitor the result. Before the lesson, be sure to take a warm bath or wrap your penis in a warm towel for 5 minutes. Due to warming, blood circulation inside the body is improved and this is very important.

You can start the exercise by gently stretching your penis with your fingers. You need to catch yourself, without sudden movements and be careful. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not bring the massage movements to a full erection, otherwise there will be only pain instead of the result.

Massage techniques can be changed by light circular motions of the trunk or by pressing on the bottom of the penis and stretching to maintain the force of the pressure. Remember to use lubricants and pause to reduce arousal. With the right and constant stimulation, great results can be achieved.

Vacuum pump

The pump acts as a pathogen and instantly increases the main blood circulation. Because of this, the penis increases in size but for a short time. Therefore, it is best to use the pump in close proximity. Wait for the oiled penis to be immersed in a plastic pump and hold it with your fingers, pumping it from the pear with your other hand for 20 minutes. Result: The potency is restored, the man is instantly excited.



method is quite old, but sometimes brings unwanted results. Weight loss will be followed by damage to the tissues of the penis or scrotum. Also, only the length increases, but not the thickness of the penis.

Before the procedure, the penis is heated in the same way as before the massage.

In order not to damage the delicate skin of his scalp, he is sealed with a plaster resting on a rope, while the other side is loaded with a load. The load should be minimal and gradually increase. You need to control your emotions - as soon as numbness or discomfort occurs, you should stop exercising.

stretch with extended

A safer way. The magnifying device is a plastic ring with a silicone loop supported by special rods at the base of the penis. The required length is fixed with a loop. It is essential to wear the extender correctly: make sure the head is free and there is no discomfort or pain. Check the shell for a loop? Once you have determined the desired length, you will have to wait a week and a half and change the size, if necessary. You can use the extender for no more than 8 hours, with a break of once an hour, but not less. During a continuous course you can increase the size by 3-5 cm. The course is set individually.

In conclusion: various silicone tips, creams and lubricants also give an instant effect, providing a good charge of sexual arousal and increasing libido during intercourse.