Penis enlargement tips: indications, types, contraindications

The intimate sphere is an important part of every human life. Therefore, members of the stronger sex pay great attention to their abilities in sex. Joining the expansion helps them gain confidence in their sex lives.

Flesh-colored penis attachment

What is the attachment for?

Tips are designed to diversify your sex life or eliminate potential problems. There are different types of adaptations that can help you achieve different goals. Men use such devices to enlarge the penis, while women experience sexual sensations.

Attention! The presence of a small genital organ always has a negative effect on the psycho-emotional state of a man, develops various complexes and can even lead to impotence. Therefore, this problem requires a mandatory solution.

Attachments prevent facial development and problems in the genital area. Thanks to them, a man will have a strong erection, prolonged intimate contact and will be able to give maximum pleasure to a partner.

Production material

Penis enlargement tips are made from a variety of materials to help a person choose the most desirable option. The following is used in the production:

  • Cyber ​​leather.Close to natural skin will help you convey the same sensations. When using it, the product quickly heats up to body temperature and keeps it on all the time. Such material is of high quality, so it has a long shelf life. Attachments made of cyber leather are expensive and rarely used by men.
  • Silicone.Material is cheap, quite soft, elastic, does not cause allergic reactions. The products made from it are simple. Silicone lasts for many years, but can deform when in contact with oily fats.
  • Latex.has a low cost. It serves less than other materials, but it is easy to care for, very pleasant to the touch, and has an odor. Like silicone, the use of latex in combination with oily lubricants is not recommended to prevent degradation.

Only men can choose the material based on their wishes. All materials are safe for health, with the only difference being in quality, service life, and the ability to convey tactile sensations.

Bumpy dick

What type of penis enlargement tips?

In specialty stores you can find a huge number of attachments made from different materials and with different variations.

Open yourself

This product is used to thicken the penis. Also, the attachment helps to stimulate a woman’s vagina, allowing for a clearer orgasm. The open device looks like a cock ring. Its wearing is allowed only during arousal, but not before.

Closed Chapter

A closed attachment is often used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It helps make the penis thicker and longer. Such devices have thick walls, which leads to a decrease in sensitivity. This effect allows you to prolong sexual intercourse several times.

with vibration and remote control

Vibrating massage attachments are also available. They not only help to lengthen the penis, but also stimulate the female clitoris during sex. For control, the nozzle comes with a remote control.

with bumps

The surface of such devices is covered with many balls. They can be of different lengths and heights. For the most aesthetic appearance, manufacturers even arrange the bumps in the form of different patterns.


These nozzles are similar to the previous type, but instead of balls they have drops on the surface. Designs can be of different types, varying in spikes size.




attachments are also similar to the previous two devices, but instead of balls and beards, there are edges on the surface. They help a woman get rich sensations during sex. In addition, the device allows you to enlarge and thicken the penis.


Such attachments are realistic because they are as close in color as possible to natural skin and to the anatomical features of male dignity. With their help it is possible to thicken and lengthen the penis.

3D relief

A variety of reusable condoms

Such structures are characterized by a relief surface with a three-dimensional pattern, thanks to which a woman gets an unusual and pleasant sensation. When using the attachment, the penis becomes larger in size.

Reusable condom

Reusable condoms can be found in stores specializing in intimate goods. This is a relatively new product in the world of sex shops. Thanks to it, it is possible not only to avoid conception, to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases, but also to lengthen the penis.


These devices are usually made of silicone. They are intended to stimulate the vaginal walls in women to increase the brightness of sensations during sex. In addition, they help to enlarge and lengthen the penis.

Most popular models

There is a huge demand for intimate items at this time. Nozzles are no exception. Sex shops sell a large number of designs that are easy to lose when choosing the right attachment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the reviews of men who recommend certain product options.

The following models are the most popular:

  1. Made of elastomer, soft to the touch, colorless. There are small peaks on the head and a relief pattern on the body. The product allows you to increase the penis by 4 cm and increase the width by 3 cm. The material is hypoallergenic.
  2. The device is made of thermoplastic rubber. Pleasant to the touch, has a textured surface and vibration function. The attachment allows you to make your penis 4, 5 cm long and 3, 5 cm wide.
  3. Produce a product made of cyber leather that expresses feelings well during sex. The attachment helps to lengthen the penis by 5 cm. In appearance the device is very similar to the real dignity of a man. On the back is a vibrator that helps to achieve a clear orgasm.

There are many other decent baits. The choice is made only at their own discretion. It is important to choose the right size.

Pimpled attachment to erect penis

Usage Features

Attachments are easy to care for and do not require any special knowledge. After purchasing the product, it is necessary to wash it with soap.

Attention! The use of hot water when washing the device is strictly prohibited as it can destroy the material. Therefore, you should wash with extremely warm water.

Attaching is also easy. All of them have a special ring in which the scrotum is placed. With its help, the product is attached to the penis. Place the construction only on the erect penis. When using it for the first time, it is advisable to try it alone to learn.

Inside, the attachment should be lubricated with talcum powder to prevent the skin of the male body. Lubricant is applied to the outer surface. You can not use lubricants on the penis or inside the product. Otherwise, the device will easily fly during sex.

Opinions of women and men

Opinions of women and men about sex are different. You can find both positive and negative feedback. But bad reviews are most often associated with the fact that a person chooses the wrong product or buys a low quality product.

When using good quality baits, the stronger sex notes that sex has become clearer, the duration of sexual intercourse has increased, and libido has increased. Women point out that the use of magnifiers helps to achieve maximum pleasure, especially with embossed surfaces, thorns, bumps, attachments attached to antennas.

Which is the biggest nozzle?

Large penis

For some time, the largest was the nozzle, which was 17 cm long. But recently a product appeared on the market with a length of 26 cm. Despite such a large size, men with small penises can use it because it is perfectly fortified.

What size should I choose?

Attachments come in a variety of sizes, so men get lost in choosing the right length. Advice in this case is impossible, as it is a strictly individual decision, depending on the actual parameters of the penis.

Attention! Do not choose too large a size. Otherwise, the sensitivity of the male penis will be disturbed and the woman may not get pleasant sensations.


There are no specific contraindications to the use of penis enlargement attachments, but there are many recommendations for their use:

  1. Do not use products with anal or oral contact.
  2. Do not use the constructions for more than the time specified in the instructions. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting genital pathology.
  3. Do not use magnifiers if there are blood disorders.
  4. Tips should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease.

The materials used to make the materials are hypoallergenic. But there is always the possibility that a person will develop individual intolerance. In this case, the use of products is prohibited.

Advantages and disadvantages of using it during sexual intercourse

The use of attachments to enlarge the penis has its pros and cons. Pros include the following:

  • Increase the size of a man's dignity in length and thickness.
  • Ability to use certain types of products as barrier contraception.
  • Huge selection of different models, which helps to choose the device that brings the most intense sensations.
  • Slight decrease in the sensitivity of the reproductive organ, which increases the duration of sex.

There are more negative points in models that are already outdated. They significantly reduced the sensitivity of the penis, suffered deformation due to movement. Improved modern products. They perfectly convey the sensations, do not last long.

But there is still one drawback. This includes beard quality. If a man wants to buy a quality product that will serve him for many years, then he will have to save quite a large amount of money.

Thus, for men, penis enlargement attachments are an effective way to improve sensations during intimacy. But for this you need to choose the best option according to size and quality.